Aerial photo of Bordiga


Our history

It is impossible to tell our story in just a few lines, but we can summarize by saying that around 1960 we started out as a small partnership which then grew thanks to our strong will to succeed. We have cherished our passion for well-made products manufactured with care from the first sawing.
In Trentino, near Lake Idro, where the climate is ideal for timber seasoning, in a locality called Lodrone, Bordiga Francesco SpA have established their main timber wholesale sawmill plant and work with the same zeal as in the past.

The timber wholesale sawmill is specialized in the processing of evaporated Beech wood and of European broadleaf timber in general, we have developed modern manufacturing technologies capable of ensuring absolutely reliable products carefully checked from their origins via the testing of raw materials and then through their natural seasoning at the timber-yard, during their drying in special kilns and finally during their processing. In 2014, the desire to find, within the target area, enhancements for processed products, wood, and new market opportunities resulted in a project for the production of wood pellets.


Historic photo of Bordiga


The project stands out because to cope with the thermal energy demand required for the drying of timber for the production of pellets, a cogeneration plant was installed and it is fuelled by wood processing waste products; in addition to producing heat, electricity can now also be fed back into the grid. The aim of the project was to achieve two significant results:

  • adding new margins to the current processes through the use and enhancement of the waste material
  • opening a new business in the pellet market, which in recent years has proved to be an attractive and booming market.

It has an efficient sales network in place for European hardwood lumber, because of the professionalism of its sales agents, covering the entire area of ​​central and northern Italy.

Over the years, tradition, experience, tenacity and technology have brought us to the situation we are in currently:

  • 6,000 square meters for laboratories
  • 30,000 square meters for storage space
  • 10,000 m3 of naturally dried timber


Historic photo of Bordiga