The sawed materials are packed, weighed and progressively numbered; then they are laid in the external courtyard, perfectly fit for a natural seasoning. In fact our company is situated at 400 mt. on sea level, in the vicinity of Lake Idro, where the climatic conditions and the constant natural ventilation are the ideal for wood to naturally dry up.

These characteristics are a gift of nature, but the ability to exploit them cleverly and at their best is the consequence of our constant committment and perseverance.
Therefore we can provide trimmed planks with the following peculiarities:

  • Species: Raw or steamed-treated beech – ash – oak – cherry – maple- chestnut – alder – poplar.
  • Lengths: Standard from 3,00 – 4,00 – 5,00 metres
  • Thickness: generally commercial but also on request

Our product is mainly directed at the furniture industry, but is also used in other sectors, such as the construction of trunks, footwear, the production of stair cases, toys, gifts and other related sectors.

Species (file .pdf, 203 Kb)