Quality selection of Bordiga timber



1st step of processing

In order to get a high-quality finished product, it is necessary to be rigorous in every phase of processing.

Before the first step of processing, one of our engineers makes a careful test of the raw materials: every single log is checked and it is then marked with our own identification sign.
Our factory has been investing a lot of money in the testing of materials already in the woods in order to improve the final product’s quality.
Moreover, the test allows us to avoid any contestations, which usually mean only a loss of time and money.

The first phase, started with the debarking of the logs from European forests that is then transported by truck. This phase of processing is entirely mechanized and automatized, so that the costs are considerably limited and the finished product’s quality is better: the wood surface looks perfectly natural white and it prevents the formation of woodworm.

The following step is the sawing of logs which is regularly carried out from November to late May, which are the ideal months for the processing of raw materials and for the achievement of a perfect finished product. Even this phase is realized thanks to the employment of a completely automatized sawing machine.


Debarking Bordiga timber logs


2nd step of processing

It regards part of the beech wood planks produced during the first step and consists of the production of semi-finished products of various dimensions according to the buyer’s request.

Our company can also produce shaped items such as backs and legs for chairs and armchairs; we can artificially season the items in special cells; we can generally satisfy any request of our customers.


Natural timber drying in Bordiga


Steaming and drying

Currently, we are able to meet the demands for dried and vaporized material by making use of:

  • DRYING FAN CHAMBER which can hold up to 9 stacks of timber with dimensions in mm. of 6000x1200x1200
  • DRYING VACUUM CHAMBER that can hold up to 8 Mk. of timber which we use on customer demand for special processing
  • VAPORIZATION CHAMBER that can hold up to 9 stacks of timber with dimensions in mm. of 6000x1200x1200